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Chapter 1. Introduction. A Strong Banking Sector Is Very

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION A strong banking sector is very important for developing economy. One of the most important functions of banking is lending money. It is generally encouraged because it has the effect of funds being transferred to productive use, it helps in growing economy. As there are pros and cons of everything, the same is in lending money that carries credit risk, which arises from the failure of borrower to fulfill its contractual obligation. The failure of the banking sector has an adverse impact on other sectors. Non-performing loans are the major problem in banks. NPLs reflect the performances of banks. The issue of non-performing assets has been discussed at length for financial system all over the world. The problem of†¦show more content†¦In most cases, debt is classified as nonperforming when loan payments have not been made for a period of 90 days. NPA is the abbreviation of Non-Performing Assets. As the term NPA reveals its own meaning, Non-Performing: i.e.Non-working, Assets: i.e. capital of financial institution. In financial term a loan A/c is said to be NPA when it is kept inoperative for 90 days without making payment of interest or principal, the borrowers are termed as defaulter, and the amount of that loan is termed as bad loans. Nowadays NPA is becoming a trending topic in banks as many Indian banks are going through this phase. Indian banks are suffering from huge amount of NPAs and BAD loans, the main reason behind this is the basic nature of people that is â€Å"take it and go away†, and our friend Mr.VijyaMallya is one of the biggest examples of it. The main reason behind this is that the bank is not able to recover the loans ,which is one of the major assets of bank now a days causing the heavy loss to them .Also lack in judicial system also favors the loss which says that bank cannot force the borrower for recovery until it was declared a willful defaulter. Recently RBI release a notification stating that India’s top 5 banks are also topped in NPA’s and Bad loans ranking. Even SARFAESI Act and Asset recoveryShow MoreRelatedQuality Means Meeting Customers ( Agreed ) Requirements, Formal And Informal, At Lowest Cost1343 Words   |  6 PagesBackground 1.1 Introduction â€Å"Quality means meeting customers’ (agreed) requirements, formal and informal, at lowest cost, first time every time.† Flood, 1993 In his definition of quality Flood with â€Å"customers† means both – internal and external customers of a company. Meant are all customers and employees to whom a company supplies products, services and information (Flood 1993). Especially in the services sector the flawless internal and external delivery of services has become very important inRead MoreInternship Report on Ztbl20418 Words   |  82 PagesZarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. Chapter 1 Introduction to Report CHAPTER 1 â€Å"INTRODUCTION TO REPORT† 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY The Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited is the premier financial institution geared towards the development of agriculture sector by providing financial products and services to their customers. It is a common practice at universities during the completion of the masters and bachelors program to attain practical experience in different fields. Students are required to undergoRead MoreCost of Poor Quality in Banking3462 Words   |  14 Pagesindependently and resolve the management problems logically. Some students of BBA-7 have selected your bank to carry out research with reference to the concept of â€Å"Cost of Poor Quality† as part of TQM course. The names of the students are given below: 1. Nehan Kanwal (Reg. 13014) 2. Kubra Shahid (Reg.13107) 3. Afirah Masood (Reg. 12929) 4. Ayesha Rasool (Reg. 11357) 5. Maria Rehman (Reg.10535) You are requested to please provide guidance and relevant information /data (unclassified)Read MoreFactors of Customer Loyalty in Banking Industry13412 Words   |  54 Pages1.1 Introduction Banks are playing a very important role in the economic development of a nation. The healthiness of the economy is directly connected to the soundness of its banking system. The role of banks has placed them as a very valuable partner in the process of economic development. Nowadays, banks are very useful for the utilization of the assets of a nation. If there would be no banks then a large segment of assets in the country would stay idle. It is possible to attaining long-termRead MoreThe Effect of Promotion and Market Share Enhancement on the Nigerian Banking Industries.13810 Words   |  56 PagesCHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION The financial services industry has undergone substantial changes from regulatory, technological, cultural and economical forces, among others. One of the most serious results of these changes is the need for financial service companies to be marketing-oriented. Marketing oriented companies places emphasis on their clients and customers’ needs and wants, and determines how these needs and wants can be beneficially served. A necessary component of marketing orientationRead MoreThe Study of Contributions of the Commercial Banks to the Development of Small-Scale Firms13196 Words   |  53 Pagesneed for banking institution especially commercial banks in Ghana to improve the services of businesses, thus small – scale businesses and the general public have received greater attention from the various stakeholders. The study seeks to examine the contributions of the commercial banks to the development of small-scale firms (Timber). The objectives of the study are theref ore to examine the financial problems faced by small-scale timber firms in Ghana and determine the role played by banking institutionsRead Moreretention management Essay3513 Words   |  15 PagesTURNOVER IN THE BANKING SECTOR Submitted to the Lebanese International University The School of Business In Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master in Business Administration By Nathalie Ishak Ishak 50830033 Tripoli, Lebanon Supervised by Khalil Ghazzaoui Ph.D. Fall 2013-2014 DEDICATIONS Start Here†¦ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Start Here†¦ ABSTRACT Start Here†¦ TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I: THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK 1 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCING THERead MoreThe Impact of Information Technology on Banking Services (Case Study of Zenith International Bank Plc)12904 Words   |  52 PagesTHE IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON BANKING SERVICES (A CASE STUDY OF ZENITH INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC) BY EBHOHON OLUWASEUN I MATRIC NO. 07/0527 ECONOMICS, BANKING AND FINANCE FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL SCIENCES BABCOCK UNIVERSITY ILISHAN-REMO OGUN STATE APRIL 2012 SUPERVISED BY: MR F.A.AKINTOLA i CERTIFICATION This research project, THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON BANKING SERVICES (CASE STUDY OF ZENITH BANK PLC)Read MoreFinance8044 Words   |  33 PagesCHAPTER NO. | TOPIC | PAGE NO. | CHAPTER 1 | INTRODUCTION | 2 | CHAPTER 2 | STRUCTURE OF FINANCIAL SYSTEM | 5 | CHAPTER 3 | BANKS | 10 | CHAPTER 4 | INSURANCE | 14 | CHAPTER 5 | OTHER FINANCIAL SERVICES | 17 | CHAPTER 6 | STOCK MARKETS | 18 | CHAPTER 7 | MUTUAL FUNDS | 22 | CHAPTER 8 | DEBT MARKET | 24 | CHAPTER 9 | INNOVATIVE FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS | 26 | CHAPTER 10 | FUNDAMENTAL OF FINANCIAL SERVICE | 30 | CHAPTER 11 | FINANCIAL SERVICE THEORIES | 31 | CHAPTER 12 | CAUSESRead MoreFailure of Nepal Development Bank Ltd.2150 Words   |  9 PagesChapter I Introduction 1. Background 1. 1. History Nepal Development Bank Limited (NDBL) was established under the Company Act, 2053(1997) in Chaitra 6, 2054 (March 19, 1998). It was the first national level development bank established by the private sector in Nepal. It had commenced its operation since Magh 17, 2055(January 31, 1999) as per Development Bank Act, 2052 (1996). Since Baisakh 21, 2063(May 4, 2006), it had imparted its services in accordance with Bank and Financial Institution

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